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Top 10 Employee Engagement Consulting/Service Companies in APAC – 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way organizations engage with their employees as everyone is stressed and anxious, given the uncertainty surrounding the situation. While social distancing and strict lockdown measures are in place, work from home has become the norm. In this situation, remote working is gaining momentum as it helps employees focus on delivering time-bound projects with minimal distractions and has health benefits as they strike a manageable work-life balance. Organizations are evolving and introducing new engagement initiatives while figuring ways out to measure their engagement effectiveness.

To connect and reach the current workforce, organizations are deploying effective communication tools that increase the efficiency of communication through multiple channels. With native mobile apps and responsive interfaces, people can stay connected wherever they are in the world, from whichever device they choose. They are also empowering employees with the right social collaboration tools, which helps in transforming working habits, breaking silos while unlocking unforeseen potential in their workforce. Majority of employee engagement vendors have developed a host of functionality to help enterprises facilitate more efficient teamwork and remove traditional barriers that prevent cohesive knowledge sharing. Organizations today have reward and recognition programs to increase overall morale.

To achieve the desired levels of engagement in an organization, HR professionals today are at the forefront of equipping and empowering business leaders with the right set of tools. In this edition, HRTech Outlook has compiled a list of top employee engagement vendors. The companies featured in the magazine are the ones that are transforming the industry with their disruptive technologies, techniques and strategies. This magazine also holds insights from industry leaders on the latest trends, practices, innovations, and their advice for upcoming leaders.

We present to you HRTech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employee Engagement Consulting/Service Companies in APAC - 2020”.

Top Employee Engagement Consulting/Service Companies in APAC